Monday, August 12, 2013


What a day!!

I got an early start this morning and headed over to campus to pick up my books for the fall semester.

Let me back up a minute.  Saturday, I received a bill from the college saying I owed over $1400!!  I knew my grant money had already been applied to my fall tuition.  Yikes!!!  That caused a minor heart attack!

When I got to campus this morning, the first place I headed was the financial aid office.  Long line.  I signed in and waited my turn.  When I finally got up to the counter, I was assured that everything was fine with my grant money.  Okay, first step down.

I headed over to the business office to see if they could clear up the bill.  Luckily, no line and she was quick to tell me that they had a computer glitch which sent out erroneous bills.  I didn't owe over $1400!!  I did still owe about $136...but I have another grant coming so that's covered.  Whew!!

Alright...scary bill all taken care of.  I then headed over to the bookstore to pick up my books.  If you are lucky (and I am), your college allows you to rent books.  All I had to do was stand in line...again...then get my books and check out.  Uh oh.  Another problem.  According to the lady at the bookstore, Admissions had placed a hold on my account for a bad address.  Bad address?  I haven't moved!!  She still allowed me to get my books and I headed over to Admissions.

At Admissions, I signed in and waited.  What I was waiting for?  Not sure...there wasn't anyone else waiting!!!  But I waited.  Finally getting called up to the counter, I explained what I had been told.  I was informed that happens if mail is returned.  Okay...but I still hadn't changed my address.  She pulled me up on the computer and behold!  My address is correct!!  Hold lifted from my account.

Next, I headed over to the police department to get my new parking permit for the year.  Another line.  Yay.  Luckily, this line was moving fast and I left a few minutes later, permit in hand.

I then headed over to my advisor's office.  I have her for four classes this semester and I was hoping I could get class calendars to be prepared for class.  Oh happy day!!  She was in her office and printed me the calendars!!  Wahoo!!!!!!!

Looking back over all this, it looks like an all day ordeal.  In fact, I was only on campus for about an hour!!  It just seemed like a whole day!

The best part?  I'm ready to go for the fall semester!  Bring it on!!!


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