Monday, April 6, 2015

A Busy Weekend

What a weekend!!  I had a huge to-do list and I'm happy to say I made a huge (like 2/3) dent in it!

Of course, there is still enough left on the list to last me a couple more weekends.  For now, however, I choose to enjoy my accomplishments.

There is something very satisfying about being able to cross things off a list.  For this list, I even went old-school and used an actual pen and paper.  While I normally keep my list going on my tablet and phone, it seemed to motivate me more to have the physical list.  It was something tangible and I truly think it made a difference.

How do you keep up with everything you have to do?  Is it a list in your head?  Do you go old-school?

Here's to crossing off those items on your list!


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