Thursday, April 9, 2015

Feeding My Soul Part III

My third activity this past weekend to feed my soul was a bit more crafty.  I enjoy creating things, especially those items that bring beauty to my surroundings.

I had seen this project on the internet, but didn't have access to the exact things that person had used to make it.  Living an a city that is on the smaller side sometimes limits my access to certain supplies that are more readily available in larger urban areas.  I did, however, find something I could use instead and quite enjoyed this little project.

Using a metal watering can found at a hobby store, I was stymied when it came time to find the crystals to use for the cascading water.  After wandering around the store for a while, I did determine that the beads in the craft department were way too expensive!!  Following the suggestion of a friend, I headed over to the floral department and hit the bridal aisle.  I have a very smart friend!  There in the bridal aisle were crystal dangles and at a much more affordable price than the beading department!

With about an hour's time threading the dangles into the holes in the spout of the watering can, and household cement to keep them in place, my garden accent was done.  It is a perfect addition to the garden I created this weekend.  

The Internet is full of fabulous ideas of things to create.  Remember, you do not always have to have the exact items as shown in the picture.  Be creative.  Use what you want to use and that will truly make it your personal creation.


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