Tuesday, April 28, 2015

It Isn't A Race!

Life is not a race. It is not a competition.  The one who dies with the most friends, the prettiest home, the best figure, or the perfect marriage does not win.  That one who spends their entire life in competition, whether real or self-imposed, simply misses life.  

I, personally, am an extremely non-competitive person.  Non-competitive to the point that I even avoid most board games as seeing people's ruthlessness and competitive sides truly horrifies me.  I realize that I am the extreme, but does everything in life have to be a competition?  

Whatever happened to being happy for someone who has received a blessing in their life?  When I see a friend do well, or out enjoying life with friends or family, I am so happy that they are enjoying themselves.  I do not feel the need to one-up them, to exclude them from my life, or to disparage their success in any way.

In the end, we all get put into the same size hole in the ground, regardless of how fancy the box.  Is it worth missing the joy in the meantime?


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