Monday, April 20, 2015

Not That Girl

I try hard to be "that girl."  You know, the one with the nails that look perfect, the fabulous outfit, and the great life.  

The great life?  I'm well on my way.  I work hard, love hard, and eventually I hope to have time to play hard!

The nails?  Let me tell you how that works.  A couple of weeks ago, I created my front garden.  I put down 4 cubic feet of black mulch which resulted in seriously gray-stained fingernails!  That took about a week to wear off no matter how much orange cleaner I used!  Then, I participated in a do-it-herself workshop at Home Depot.  That involved staining wood, which resulted in...yep...more stained nails!  

As to the outfit?  I'm that girl that always looks like she ran out of the house mid-project.  Probably because I am usually mid-project and I have to go get just one more thing.  Over and over again!

I will probably never be "that girl."  But my life is good, my projects are fulfilling, and every stained nail results in something beautiful that I have created.  I'm "this girl" and she is quite something!!


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