Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Feeding My Soul Part II

I am a huge recycling fan.  I believe that anything possible can and should be recycled.  Of course, part of recycling is up-cycling.  One of my projects this weekend was an up-cycled success!

My son found a gorgeous tiled picture at Goodwill.  His first thought was that it would make a great tray for the coffee table.  He was right!

I picked up two door pulls at the hardware store.  I removed the picture hangers from the back and after pre-drilling the holes, it took only a couple of minutes to attach the pulls to the frame.  That was it!  For only about ten minutes total labor, there is a beautiful tiled tray now residing on my coffee table.

At some point, someone loved this picture enough to buy it and hang it in their home.  For an unknown reason, it ended up at the back of a shelf at Goodwill.  Giving new life to something beautiful feeds the soul.  A discarded item now has a new life and purpose.

Next time you're out thrift shopping, look beyond what you see.  Look for the potential.  Something old can become something new.


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