Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Multi-tasking or Multi-stressing?

As I enter my later years (okay, I'm actually here), I am learning that multi-tasking is not necessarily an enviable skill.  While it may feel like much is being accomplished, the reciprocal increase in stress is an unfortunate result.

When I multi-task, I do not give my full attention or effort to any of the projects I am working on. Only when I give my full focus to the task at hand do I obtain the optimum result.  This is especially true in my writing and my craft work.  

It is impossible to bead a pair of earrings without giving it full attention.  Not doing so results in a missed loop, a crooked wire, or a cracked bead.  By remaining focused on my project, it actually takes less time, produces a better result, and reduces the stress of having an inferior result or having to repeat some of my efforts.

Like that pair of earrings, any projects attempted in multiples have the same type of outcomes.  While multi-tasking still seems to be a buzz word in today's world, I have noticed a shift back to the simpler time of focusing on the task at hand.  Not all crazes or fads must be adopted.  There is no shame in saying that I tried multi-tasking, it is not for me, and I prefer the superior result of single focus.

How are you at multi-tasking?  Does it make you multi-stress?  Slow down, enjoy the process, and be proud of your final result!


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