Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Feeding My Soul Part I

While I was busy this weekend, I still took time out to feed my soul.  I actually wrote those items on my to-do list to make sure the time was available.  Here was my first activity:

As I live in a rental, I wanted my garden to be portable if I move.  It took about three hours total including the time I spent at the garden center.  I unpacked my garden gnomes who had been stored away for the last three years and placed them in my garden.  Not only feeding my soul, doing so also reminded me that things you enjoy should never be packed away.  While circumstances may not be ideal, or someone else may criticize, or even if you are told "no"...what you enjoy should not be put in a box for "someday."  

Part of feeding your soul is surrounding yourself with beauty.  Trees and plants are nature's own beauty.  Feed your soul...play in the dirt!


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