Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Heartfelt Thank You

In the last four years, I have lived through a divorce, lost my step-father and my mother, survived a broken engagement, and dealt with the serious illness of a child.  I have started college and obtained my associate degree, moved from one state to another, moved again, and started a new job.  And now, I have also lost my ex-husband who remained my friend.

If you check this list against one of those heart attack risk lists, it is amazing that I am still standing.  I truly believe it is solely due to the love of my amazing family and friends.

To the friend who made the hardest phone call ever, thank you.

To the son who makes sure I eat, thank you.

To the friends who texted, messaged, and called offering love and support, thank you.

To the friend who pulled over to check on me as I was walking down the street, thank you.

To the friend who said, "My shoulder is here," thank you.

To the friends who said, "What can I do for you?", thank you.

To the friends who have travelled to see me, thank you.

I am so grateful to live a life that includes such amazing people.  Words cannot suffice to express my love, gratitude, and actual awe at the love I have received and continue to receive.  You truly fill my heart and my life with all that is good.

I love you all,

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