Monday, November 30, 2015

Does No One Remember?

The news has been filled lately with certain candidates calling for a registry of all Muslims and even for American Muslims to be required to wear ID badges.  Does this not ring a bell with anyone? Really?  

While I give these candidates full credit for the passion of their rhetoric, they get zero points for originality.  These same things were used, in extreme efficiency, in the 1930's to not only seize billions of dollars in assets but also to murder millions of Jews, homosexuals, teachers, and "enemies of the state."  Ring a bell yet?

Registries were used by Adolph Hitler forcing Jews to register, including all assets, properties, and location.  This made it incredibly easy for Nazi Germany to not only seize the assets but locate the Jews for shipment to the concentration camps.  For those Jews allowed to remain in society in the short term, they were required to have an ID badge sewn on the outside of their clothes so they could be immediately identified.  

These are the same policies that are now being proposed for Muslims in the United States.  Have we learned nothing from history?  Even more importantly, how does this not terrify you?  Just the thought that candidates running for the highest office in this land are proposing using the policies of Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany in the present day United States chills my very soul.  

Yet, every day I see multiple news articles, postings on social media, and staunch supporters of these candidates expressing support and blind allegiance to these same candidates.  Does no one do their homework before supporting such a person?

I am a proud citizen of the United States of America.  A candidate who propounds a policy used by the Nazis will not now, nor ever shall have my support.


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