Wednesday, November 18, 2015

No Time

As I was writing yesterday's post, I realized how incredibly full and blessed my heart and my life are right now.  This also reminded me that I have absolutely no time, energy, or room for those in my life who wish me ill, who look for opportunities to demean me, or who do not have by best interests at heart.

We all have those friends on social media who seem to lie in wait for an opportunity to argue, to defame, and to prove they are, not only always right, but the only one who is ever right.  Last week, on the Thursday 10, we worked on eliminating those people from our social media.  With the passing of my ex-husband, I was once again reminded that there are actually people who exist in this world to take advantage of someone's pain, who use such an event as an opportunity to attack, and who lack even the most basic of human decency.

I am extremely fortunate.  My world, my life, and my heart are full of friends and family who love me and whom I love and adore in return.  Experiencing that outpouring over the last couple of weeks has supported me and reminded me that there is only room for love.  I have no time for anything else.

To those who carry such hate and misery, I am so truly sorry.  I hope, with everything in me, that you find the peace you are seeking.  I pray you are able to move forward, before such negative emotions actually impact your health and well-being.  

For me, I choose to live in love.


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