Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Thursday 10 -- Emotions

This week, we have another invisible Thursday 10.   These are 10 emotions we all feel.  But how much more fulfilled, happy, and peaceful would we be if we could, if not eliminate, just reduce the hold these emotions have on us?

Here are the 10 emotions we will work on eliminating this week:

1.  Loneliness  -- While being at peace when alone is a gift, human interaction is considered an actual need by science.  Never be afraid to reach out.  I guarantee someone, anyone, or even just one, will be there.

2.  Overwhelmed -- Particularly for women, this is common.  One of the ways to combat this emotion is to do just what these Thursday posts are for...simplify.

3.  Guilt -- Again a big one for women, we feel guilty that we cannot do it all.  The truth is, no one can.  Let go of the guilt and revel in the moment.

4.  Inadequacy -- This is one emotion I took great pleasure in eliminating.  The truth is that I do my best.  If my best is inadequate for you, you are quite welcome to leave my life the same way you entered.  This emotion is not welcome here.

5.  Anger -- Still working on this one!!  While my anger never lasts more than a quick minute, it rises just as fast.  

6.  Disappointment -- It has taken most of my life to deal with this emotion.  It is a hard realization that people will disappoint you, and frequently, take pleasure in doing so.  Let them, and the disappointment go.  You no longer have the room for it in this simpler life.

7.  Frustration -- For me, this is usually a self-targeted emotion.  I suffer from "Should have" syndrome and when I do not live up to my self-set expectations, frustration arises.  

8.  Hurt -- One of the hardest emotions to release.  I have found the only way to eliminate hurt is to add more love.  There are so many people who love you!  Focus your energy and attention on those people and watch hurt disappear.

9.  Discomfort -- There is actually discomfort in releasing some of these emotions.  They are familiar territory and releasing them opens a void.  Fill that void with love, peace, and joy.

10. Fear -- The big one.  I, personally, have a lot of fears.  From the fear of heights to the fear of something happening to one of my children...fear is a big one.  The truth of the matter?  Releasing the fear means recognizing that our control or sense of control is an illusion.  While we may be able to control some tiny day-to-day matters, the majority of life is beyond our control.  Acknowledging that is the first step to releasing the fear.

A tough Thursday 10 this week!  Obviously, these emotions cannot all be released in just a week. Print this list out, keep it handy, and remind yourself what you are accomplishing each day.


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