Friday, November 20, 2015

Frugal Fit Friday

The holiday season is rapidly upon us!  Along with time spent with family and friends, comes those extra pounds from the celebrations.  Before you spend a fortune on a diet plan or pay monthly fees for a gym membership, check out a free, yes, totally FREE, site that offers not only diet plans, but workouts and healthy living tips, too!

Welcome to SparkPeople!!  A 100%, free website that offers diet plans, workouts, and healthy living tips.  The site is incredibly easy to join and takes less than three minutes.

The site offers the option of setting your own goals or allowing SparkPeople to set it for you based on the information you provide.  It includes fabulous recipes and exercises to perform.  In addition, you earn Spark points based on your activities.  

Although the site said I did not need to lose weight (I disagree!), it started me with an easily attainable goal of 10 minutes of exercise a day.  Even I can do 10 minutes!!  I also downloaded the app so I can take it with me on the go!

Check out SparkPeople and give it a shot!  When you do, add me to your team so we can support each will find me as "jerrilynn62" and I can't wait for you to join me!


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