Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Tiny Step

I've taken a tiny step today.  Today makes 24 hours without a real cigarette.

Now don't get too excited...I've switched to e-cigarettes.  Still nicotine but none of the other nasty stuff that goes with real ones.  There's no smoke, no odor, no trash.  I don't have to go outside to smoke.

Are they as satisfying as a real one?  Not quite, but they do the job.  I haven't killed anyone yet!!  I'm hoping that the fact they aren't quite as good will eventually wean me off all together.

I am definitely saving money!  My average cost for real cigarettes was about $120 per month.  With the e-cigarettes, at most my expense will be $40 per month.  It's my goal to only need one refill pack per month which will reduce it to $20.

Keep your fingers crossed, everybody!  I'm on my tiny step at a time!


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