Thursday, August 9, 2012


I had an interesting conversation yesterday with a friend and it made me think of the value we place on the people in our lives.  It also reminded me of a statement I heard while watching "Hoarders".  The psychologist on the show said that a collection is something you value and take care to preserve...otherwise, it's just stuff.

Now think about your closest relationships.  Do you value the ones you love?  Do you show appreciation for them?  I'm not talking about the big things...I'm talking about day to day little things that make your life better.  Do you say thank you or just take for granted that certain things will be done for you?  Do you treat your wife like the maid or your husband like the lawn guy?

Take a look at how you treat your other half.  Showing them that you value them also translates in to how other people will regard them.  If the outside world sees that you treasure them, that you are proud of them, and that they are important to you, the outside world will treat them as you do.  If you are dismissive or take them for granted, the outside world will assume they are of no value to them either.

This post had a lot of questions and a lot of food for thought.  Re-read it carefully and think about your own life and relationships.  Let me know what you do to value those you care about.


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