Thursday, August 2, 2012

National Pride

As the Olympics have been going on, I'm reminded of something that was a huge part of my childhood but seems to have disappeared from our nation today.

I'm talking about national pride.  I vividly remember my dad waking us up at 4 a.m. to watch the Apollo lift offs.  The Olympics were mandatory viewing and I don't think we ever missed a 4th of July parade.  I was taught to stand when the flag went by.  We were also taught to stand in respect when the VFW passed.

Most communities no longer have parades due to cost and liability.  The Pledge of Allegiance has become a political hot button versus it's original intent.  Children today don't even know that the flag code exists much less the rules contained therein.  The shuttle program has been discontinued and an entire generation thinks space travel is commonplace versus a wonder.  Video games have taken the place of watching the Olympics as a family.

National pride is something that is taught rather than inherently known.  The best way to teach?  By example.  Do you fly the flag at your home?  Do you stand in respect for the flag and for veterans?  Do you thank an active duty military member when you see them?  Do you turn the television to the Olympics and watch as a family?  It all starts with the example you set.

And those are my random thoughts this morning...

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