Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Sense of Calm

Having reduced the number of items and removing toxic people from your life instills you with a sense of calm and peace.  

By reducing clutter, you eliminate stress.  Studies have proven that visual clutter increases levels of anxiety.  Having reduced your items while we were doing the Thursday Ten, you may have already noticed a reduction in your stress level.  At its most basic, reducing the amount of clutter in your home lessens your stress by having less to care for, clean, and keep track of an item's whereabouts.

Removing toxic people from your life has the same effect.  No longer do you dread logging into social media and seeing a hate-filled or misery-spreading post.  Without that sense of doom, you feel lighter, as if an actual physical burden has been lifted.

The peace and calm has a rippling benefit.  If you are calmer, it becomes harder for something or someone to get you wound up.  If you are calm, you are more prone to analyze something rationally instead of spinning into an emotional maelstrom.  

Be mindful and enjoy the refuge of peace and calm you have created.  You have worked hard to achieve it and you have built your sanctuary.  Enjoy it!


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