Wednesday, May 18, 2016


One of the benefits of simplifying your life is becoming increasingly self-reliant.  To do so, you must have faith.  

Paramount is having faith in yourself.  It is imperative that you believe, in your innermost heart of hearts, that you can and will achieve your dreams.  This process starts within you.

You are better able to determine what you are capable of achieving than anyone else on the planet. No one else knows how hard you work, how vivid you dreams, and how grand your goals.  No one else can see the personal, private inner work you are doing.  Have faith in the work you are doing and have faith in the benefits which that work will reap.

Will you always be doubt-free?  No...doubts will arise with no notice and will feel completely disabling.  See yesterday's post on fear.  This is where your faith in yourself manifests itself.  That faith will stomp out those doubts and move you further on your road.


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