Monday, May 16, 2016


While on this journey of mindfulness, gratitude, and simplicity, it is very easy to lose focus.  You may find, as I do, that life gets in the way.  

Whether a change in circumstances, an unexpected illness, or any of the curve balls that life sends our way, it is hard to stay focused on our bigger goals.

What to do when life happens?  This is when being still comes into play.  Taking a small amount of time, even an hour, to be still and reflect will work to re-center you and re-focus you on your dreams and goals.

Although frequently dismissed as trite and overdone, this is when a vision board may be a helpful tool.  It provides a visual reminder of what you love and what you are working for.  It may be a board of your dream home, your dream job, or your dream vacation...whatever you are endeavouring to achieve.

Focus on your goal.  Nothing is unattainable as long as you are willing to put in the effort required.  

Heads up!  Life is still happening.  Focus regardless of what comes your way.


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