Thursday, May 12, 2016

Starting Small

If you have never been a crafter, walking into one of the craft megastores can be overwhelming and incredibly expensive!

There are less expensive and easier ways to start crafting without feeling overwhelmed, intimidated, or just plain broke.

One way to begin crafting is to do an internet search for dollar store crafts.  There are numerous posts online of diy projects that use only items from the dollar store.  Some may require glue or paint but most can be made under five dollars! Also, if your quiet time activities are coloring or puzzles, both can be obtained at your dollar store.  We frequently do 500-piece jigsaw puzzles we got for only a dollar each!

If you are looking for something extremely easy to try for your first time out, check out the craft kits on sites such as Oriental Trading.  While a large number of the crafts are geared toward children, they are perfect for learning basic crafting skills, particularly if you have never crafted before.  In addition, they are reasonably priced so if you find you don't enjoy a particular craft, you won't be out a large amount of money that you invested in supplies.

It may take some time to find the niche you enjoy.  Remember, we are taking this in baby steps which means taking your time!


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