Friday, May 6, 2016

Frugal Friday

Recently, I upgraded my printer to wireless.  Love it!!!  How did I do it?  See that tab at the top of the blog called "Money Makers"?  That's how I got my new wireless printer for free!

Saving up the Amazon gift cards that I earned, I was able to get not only the printer, but an extra set of ink for absolutely nothing!  Remember, I do work a full-time job so this is just something I do in my spare time.  

Could you use an extra $30-50 in spending money every month?  Would you like to be able to get some great products to test for free?  How about saving those Amazon gift cards and paying for Christmas presents?  I even have a friend who used the money she earned to pay for Disney gift cards and paid for her family's trip to Disney World!  Disclaimer:  I personally do not have the willpower to save up that much!

Check out the Money Makers tab on the blog.  If you have a little extra time, it can translate to a little extra in your pocket!


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