Thursday, May 19, 2016


A lot of the topics we have been talking about require solitude.  In addition, the removal of toxic people from your life and bring consequences of its own.

Recently, I disappointed a dear friend.  As a result of my need to keep toxic people out of my life and maintain my personal peace, I was forced to decline an event that I know meant the world to this friend.  Disappointing this friend broke my heart and I spent the day in tears.  But I knew that I had to protect myself and my peace.  I would have given anything to be able to do both, but in this instance, that was not a possibility.

As you strive for a simplified, mindful life, you may find yourself withdrawing a bit from the hectic pace of life.  There may be friends and family that either do not, or do not wish to, understand what you are working to achieve.  They may take your actions personally, believing that you are avoiding them.  While that is not the case, their perception is also their reality.  Explain what you are doing, but do not devalue yourself, your time, and your goals in the process.

I was blessed that my friend loves me unconditionally.  The fact that I disappointed someone whom I adore, however, still makes me tear up even weeks later.  I know, without any doubt, that I made the right decision for me.  Now it is up to me to honor that friendship in a way that does not violate my peace and shows my love for my friend.  I will find a way.


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