Friday, January 6, 2017

Frugal Friday

Frugal Fridays will look a bit different this year.  In addition to the money-saving tips, sites, and moneymakers, Frugal Fridays will also occasionally highlight life hacks that make life easier while saving you some money too.

For this first Frugal Friday of the new year, here is one of my favorite little hacks.  It will only cost you a dollar to begin, but save you many more!

Do you have a sweeper in your home?  For example, Swiffer or a comparable brand?  Here is a little hack that will save you money all year long.  Replace those disposable sweeping cloths with a fuzzy sock!

Image result for sweeper fuzzy sock

You can pick up a pair of fuzzy socks at your local dollar store.  That's where your one dollar start up cost comes into play.  When the socks become dirty, just throw them in the wash and re-use.  No more buying $3-4 boxes of disposable cloths you throw away.  This hack isn't just good for your's good for the environment too!


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