Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Planning is, for me personally, my downfall.  I am a prisoner of to-do lists.  I actually have a second monitor attached to my laptop that contains nothing but stickies of everything I need to do, plan to accomplish, and projects to complete.

The truth is, unless I win the lottery, the majority of my life is spent working.  As some of my to-do lists include chores and bills, those have priority.  The lists on the left of my screen are the things I want to do.  That side of the screen is rarely glanced at, much less accomplished.

In this new year, I want to incorporate more of that left side of the lists!  One benefit of the reduction we talked about yesterday is that less things means less time required to take care of them.  That opens up more time to accomplish those things I want to do.

How efficient are you with planning?  Do you carry out everything you plan for?  What are your pitfalls?  Share!


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