Friday, January 20, 2017

I Stand With Women

On this Inauguration Day, I stand with my fellow citizens in defense of women.  Why?  Because the President-Elect of our great nation has repeatedly demeaned, insulted, and denigrated women.

On January 11th, Christopher Von Keyserling, a Republican member of the Representative Town Meeting in Greenwich, Connecticut, was charged with fourth-degree sexual assault.  In December, he had assaulted a female town employee during a conversation about politics.  During the discussion, he had stated that, "I love this new world, I no longer have to be politically correct,"  As the female employee left the office, asking a co-worker to accompany her as she did not feel safe, it is alleged that Von Keyserling reached between her legs and pinched.  After being told to keep his hands off, he replied that it was her word against his, and no one would believe her.

This is the environment that the President-Elect has bred.  There are men who now believe that it is perfectly okay to sexually assault a woman, because the President-Elect brushed it off as "locker room talk."  As a mother and grandmother, this terrifies me for all women.  We have fought for decades, against impossible odds, to be treated fairly and equitably.  To now know that we are to be treated as pieces of meat because men are not required to be "politically correct" makes me fear for all of my sisters.

I Stand with Women.

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