Thursday, January 12, 2017

Letting Go

Yesterday, we talked about reaching out.  Today, I would like to spend a few minutes on the other side of that coin, letting go.

You are under no obligation to reach out to someone who has hurt you past the point of no return.  If someone makes a habit of demeaning, denigrating, and gossiping about you, that person and that toxicity has no place in your life.

I have been told by friends to give a person a second chance.  That recommendation came with justifications of their mental or physical status, doing so for the greater good, and a multitude of other reasons.  However, I have every right to determine that my life, my peace, and my serenity are more important.  I have the right to make the determination that someone is simply too toxic, too disloyal, or even too evil to have a place in my life.

Only you can decide who belongs in your circle.  You have every right to protect the sanctity of your circle.  Never feel that you must succumb to outside pressure to include someone who has harmed you on any level, whether emotional or otherwise.  

Sometimes, the best thing you can do for you is to simply let go.  Letting go doesn't mean you don't forgive them.  It means that you value yourself enough to protect yourself.  There is nothing wrong with that.


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