Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Yes, I know it's the new year but I'm not talking about weight!  (well, I need to reduce that as well!) I got busy over the New Year weekend and almost filled the bed of my pickup with stuff going to Goodwill.

Yes...a pickup full.  Truthfully, you can look around my home and not be able to tell that things have left.  In my 54 years, I have accumulated a ton of crap!!  And even then, with a pickup full, I still cannot make myself let go of sentimental things.  That will always be a goal.  Whether I fulfill that goal remains to be seen!

Another area I'm working on is my magazines.  I have probably six or seven subscriptions that I receive, having gotten them all for free, of course.  The stack waiting to be read has exceeded a foot and is growing every day.  I keep believing I will reach this magical place where I will have time to relax with a cup of tea and read magazines!

What are you reducing this year?  Is it clutter?  Your friends list?  Share!


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