Tuesday, January 10, 2017


To fill with energy.  A simple explanation of a word, but how does one achieve that state?  For myself, I usually find it when following my passions.  

How do you get invigorated when you don't have time for your passions?  That is the spot I find myself in this year.  I am still organizing/rearranging my new home, I work full-time, I complete the sites on the Money Makers tab on a daily basis, and publish this blog five days a week.  In my dream life, I believe I will someday magically achieve that state where my house is in order and my weekends are free to use as I please.

In the meantime, I am actually using my Amazon Echo for daily reminders to relax and for a short workout each day.  I grabbed a dance dvd to help with the weight, as I know I won't stick with push-ups, but I will always dance.

As I drink my sports drink, missing my soda, I realize that each tiny baby step I do take is moving me forward.  That dream weekend may not be in sight just yet, but I know it will get here.

Wishing you energy and joy,


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