Monday, February 6, 2017

A Fascinating Feature

There is a feature of Facebook of which many are not aware.

When you like something or comment on something, it appears on all of your friends' timelines. During this tumultuous period in our country, that feature is extremely enlightening.

Why enlightening?  I have seen numerous people beg for unity and a stop to the political posts on their own wall.  At the same time, these same individuals are "liking" and commenting on some of the most hate-filled, racist, sexist, and bigoted posts that exist.

Perhaps they are unaware that everyone can see those actions.  Perhaps the hypocrisy truly runs that deep.  Regardless, seeing the true actions of these individuals has been quite the lesson.  I have learned that most who so loudly proclaim their Christianity hate entire groups of minorities.  Those who adamantly demand freedom to practice their religion mean only they have the right and only their religion.  

Take some time today and just observe your timeline.  It is fascinating and educational.  


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