Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Taming the Paper Monster

The hardest part of simplification for me is the paper monster.  It is so bad for me that I actually have "Shredding" on my weekly to-do list.  Do I get to it?  Rarely.  If there is one thing that gets left to last, shredding is usually it!

I have been doing a lot better with the daily mail.  It's sorted daily with what needs to be shredded going into the shred bucket and recycling into the recycling bin.  I actually recycle so much that the bin goes out to the curb every week, but I only have to take the trash bin out once every two weeks!

Once the mail is sorted, I'm only left with the items I actually have to deal with and resolve.  On a weekly basis, that is probably only 2% of the mail I actually receive.  Another 20% is magazines. Ah, my magazines.  I receive probably ten different subscriptions every month, most of which I receive for free.  I have the best intentions of reading them all, but then...life happens.  

My goal for the paper monster?  Shredding really done on a weekly basis and a reduction in my magazines to an actual readable stack!

How about you?


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