Monday, February 27, 2017

I did it!

Last week, I spoke about taming the paper monster.  This past Saturday, I began to put my plan into action. A good portion of my Saturday afternoon was spent shredding.  Months and months of shredding.

The good news?  The shredding is up-to-date.  Now it is up to me to be consistent and make sure to shred each weekend.  A side benefit of doing all that shredding is that I used the time while the shredder was cooling down to clean out my email inboxes!  

A few hints about what to shred:

Boarding passes -- Don't ever leave your boarding passes in the trash.  They are encoded with your personal information...always shred!

Catalog and magazine address labels -- These also have personal account information encoded within the label...always shred!

Credit Card and Loan Offers -- This one is pretty self-explanatory...always shred!

Receipts Paid with Debit/Credit Cards -- Anything that has even a single digit of a debit or credit card must be shredded!

Don't be like me and let it pile up.  Get a home office shredder and keep up with the shredding on a weekly basis.  Probably the most important tip of all!


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