Thursday, February 23, 2017

Reducing Demands

Every weekday, I wake up and do my daily moneymakers.  Around two in the afternoon, I begin my day job, working until almost 11:30 p.m. most nights.  In addition, this blog is published five days a week and I have other writing projects in the works.  In essence, I not only work a full-time job, but have numerous part-time endeavors being juggled at the same time.

These are not what I consider demands.  Those activities are the ones that actually bring income into my home.  They are necessities, period.  What do I consider demands?  I consider outside demands on my time and attention.  How do these demands keep occurring?  Because I lack the gene that lets me say "No."

Over time, I have become a resource to many of my friends.  I am turned to for my knowledge and my research abilities.  Unfortunately, this also means that requests for help come to me without any regard to the fact that I am probably working, trying to meet a deadline, or just plain running my butt off!  

My goal?  To learn to say "No" or "I'm not available today."  In short, to reduce demands by setting boundaries.

How about you?


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