Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Real Women

There is a meme making the rounds on social media.  It is being spread under the heading "This is how REAL women march."

The inference is that any woman other than those on active duty have no right to march in defense of women's rights.  I, personally, did not give up my right to free speech when I took off the uniform. Nor have I seen any statement by any of the women in this photo giving permission to use it in such a derogatory manner towards other women.  In fact, active duty members of the United States Armed Forces marched in the Women's March by the thousands.

When women speak and march, it is for the rights of our daughters and our granddaughters.  As recently as 1993, it was still legal in this country for a husband to rape his wife.  We aren't talking ancient history.  1993.  

Look at your own wives, daughters, and granddaughters.  We march for them.


As a side note, I must also say that not a single person with whom I served posted this photo or the accompanying heading.  Actually, not a single person I know who did post it ever wore the uniform. Telling, isn't it.

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