Friday, February 24, 2017

Setting Limits

This Frugal Friday, setting limits is the focus.  This will also be extremely helpful if you are participating in No-Spend April.

When shopping, stick to your list.  We all know the temptation of that end-cap sale!  Even in the grocery or dollar store, it is too easy to walk out of the store with items you had no intention of purchasing when you walked into the store.

If you have outstanding debt, there is no excuse for not setting limits on your spending.  That debt will not disappear on its own.  A $30 trip to the nail salon could be sent to the credit card company instead, particularly if you are more than capable of painting your own nails.  If you have debt, a $80 trip to the salon for a cut and color cannot be justified.  There are less expensive alternatives available and should be utilized until debt is gone.

Review your priorities and set your personal spending limits in accordance with those priorities. You set those priorities to benefit yourself and your situation.  Set your limits to do the same.


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