Thursday, February 9, 2017

My Hope

My hope is that these posts about women, veterans in particular, serve as an eye-opener.  It is estimated that 47% of active duty women experience some degree of military sexual trauma.  

47% are sexually harassed, groped or raped while on active duty.

Of that 47%, a large number are subjected to humiliating questioning as to their own attire at the time of the attack.

Of that 47%, 12% are discharged shortly after reporting.

Of that 47%, most of the accused are discharged honorably or even promoted.

47% of the women defending this great nation are victims of military sexual trauma.

You're proud to support our veterans?  Speak up and speak out.  Let these women know that they have your support.  Let them know that, military or not, they have the right to control who touches them.  Give these active duty women the respect they deserve and the safety to which they are entitled.


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