Friday, February 17, 2017

Frugal Self Care

Taking care of yourself does not have to mean a costly trip to a spa, getting your nails done, or an expensive vacation.  To do any of those things, particularly if you already have debt, will only add to your stress, not reduce it.

A few suggestions for frugal self care:

1.  Buy a bottle of nail polish in a fun color.  Don't get the most expensive brand, a two-dollar bottle will lift your spirits for the day just as well.

2.  Head to your local library.  Browse the stacks, taking your time.  Choose a book on something you've always been interested in learning.  Find a seat and peruse your selection.  Take your time.

3.  Head to the dollar store.  Get a candle, lotion, bath crystals, shampoo and/or conditioner, all in the same scent.  Find a pretty container and make your own spa basket for under ten dollars.  Now go home and actually use it!

4.  Be a tourist in your hometown.  Wander around your city and enjoy the many free sites every city has to offer.

5.  Sleep!!!  Take a nap, go to bed early.  Too often the easiest self care is the one most ignored.  Rest!


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