Tuesday, April 5, 2011

For the Love of a Rescue

I am the proud mama to two rescues.  Max is a 13 year old black Lab and Emma is a 4 year old Australian Shepherd.  You notice I didn't say owner...they own me!!

We got Max from a friend who had rescued him.  Max was owned by a college student who somehow believed a dorm room was the appropriate place to raise a Lab puppy.  Our friend had small children, and at 8 months old, Max was a bit too rambunctious for them and consistently knocked them down.  So he was headed for the pound.  Hubby said we were just going to take a look at him one morning.  As we headed out, I crammed a leash into the pocket of my jeans.  I'm no dummy!!  When we met Max, Hubby said he looked down and saw two set of puppy dog eyes, one set brown, one set blue, looking back up at him and he knew he had lost the battle before it even started.  And the look on his face when I pulled that leash out of my pocket!!  To be honest, there was a moment after we got him home when I thought he was going to be back up for adoption.  That moment?  Well, lab puppies REALLY like to chew...but who ever expected Max to eat the wall of the house?  After some major puppy proofing...he was allowed to stay...and it's 12 years later!

Emma was adopted from Craigslist.  The family who had her had rescued her from a girl who kept her on an apartment balcony.  Emma had been with the girl's ex and he just dumped her on her doorstep one day.  We call Emma "Diva" because she rules the entire household!!  She's not really fond of men, but with rescues, they come with quirks!!  One of the funniest things Emma does is bark at Hubby when she thinks he's not moving fast enough to please her.  Watching this big man jump at her bark is just hilarious!!  And thankfully, the difference in her age and Max has done wonders to get Max moving again, playing and getting rowdy!

Neither of my dogs have papers and I could care less.  The only reason to bring a pet into your home is for love...and you don't need purebred for that.  Check into your local pound or rescue groups.  Also, check Craigslist.  Unfortunately, in this economy, there are thousands of families facing foreclosure that are desperately searching for a safe haven for their pets.  These aren't strays...these are loving animals who need shelter from the storm.  Do you have room in your heart?

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