Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Frugal Tip

Many areas of the country have local coupon deals through sites such as Living Social and Groupon to name a few.  These sites offer coupons for discounted deals on everything from fine dining to oil changes.  Are they worth it?  Depends on what you're looking for!

I've used the coupons for half price tickets to a play, a spa day, and a night at a bed and breakfast.  I've gotten oil changes for half have to get them done and why pay full price??  The spa day was 92 percent off and makes for a perfect girlfriend day.  The bed and breakfast?  An escape for me and the hubby...complete with a $75 dinner gift card.

I think the best use of these offers is to try new experiences and new venues you've never tried before.  That way, you're not paying full price for something you may or may not enjoy.  But I've also gotten a half-off coupon for the restaurant right down the street where we eat on a regular basis!!

With the economy as it is today...saving every little bit helps!!

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