Friday, December 16, 2011

A Frugal Party

One of my favorite frugal Christmas parties is the cookie exchange.  An easy premise and it knocks out some of your holiday baking at the same time!

First, choose five friends...preferably five who can actually bake!  Ask them to bring six dozen of their favorite holiday cookie.  That's one dozen for each guest and a dozen to share at the party.

As hostess, you'll provide the drinks (coffee, eggnog, something stronger).  Platters to serve the cookies can be obtained at your local dollar store.  You can also grab some gift bags while there so your guests can carry their cookies home.

After an evening of fun with your girlfriends, your holiday baking is done!!  You and your guests will have a nice variety of cookies, enough to satisfy Santa and the elves!

Happy baking!!

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  1. awesome idea. love it.
    Terry Devine



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