Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Wall

I've hit it.  Full force.  I overslept this morning, it's raining, and I feel like a slug.

Christmas is rapidly approaching.  I still have a mountain of projects to complete, not to mention all the baking.  But it took me hours to even get to write this blog this morning, including having to reboot my router.  I'm just now eating breakfast and it's almost noon.

It's time to dig pull motivation out of some deep well I'm not even sure I possess.  This wall is so high and so thick that I'm even tempted to pull out my credit card just so I can be done!!  If you've read my blog know that is NOT my idea of frugal!!

So here I go!!  Time to pull myself up by the bootstraps and wade back in to the fray!  If you don't hear from me tomorrow...I may be buried under it!!

And those are my random thoughts this morning...


  1. You too huh? It's 2pm here, I've just now realized I haven't eaten today because I've been so busy.

    But, you will conquer! Us Mama's are tough, determined ladies. You might be exhausted, but you'll get it all done I'm sure :)

  2. Darian, YOU are such an inspiration!!! A mom, blogger, author...I so look up to you!!



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