Friday, December 2, 2011

An Interesting Week

If you've followed the trend of my blog posts this week (and of course, I know you have!), you've noticed that they all seem to have to do with saving money.

I guess that is due to the season.  Striving for the perfect Christmas on a non-existent budget has my brain focused on what I can save and where. my brain overloads, it spills out on to my blog!!  The upside?  I get to share the tips and tricks I've learned with all of you!!

A lot of families in this country are struggling this Christmas.  As you're out shopping, pick up a couple extra cans to donate to your local food bank.  For just a couple of bucks, you can make sure a child has something to eat on Christmas day.  If you're able, pick up a few toys for Toys for Tots and lend the Marines a hand in their yearly drive.  When you walk past that red Salvation Army bucket, throw in your change.  Hopefully, with the tips I've shared over the last few months, you can share some of your savings and winnings!

Enjoy your weekend, everybody!!


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