Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Monday!!

Last Monday, I did a post about being starved for time.  This Monday, I'm looking around my office/sewing room/craft room/guest room and there are piles of Christmas presents in various stages of construction.  Sigh...

I'm meeting a friend for dinner on Wednesday so obviously her gift was the priority.  And it's complete and ready to be given!  One down, an unbelievable number to go!!!  To be honest, if it was in my budget?  I would send everyone on my list an e-gift code and be done with it!!  But it's not and I want my friends and family to have gifts that come from my heart.  So onward I go!

To be honest, I'm enjoying myself.  It's been a while since I held a needle in my hands.  To cover jewelry making, crochet, latch hook, and embroidery in the course of only a few days feels good.  I'm a bit rusty, and it's taking some effort to get my groove back, but I am enjoying the creativity and peacefulness that comes with handiwork.  I guess I'm not just giving gifts...I'm receiving one also.

So as a cold front barrels towards Central Texas, I'll make myself a hot mug of tea, pick up my needle, and put my love in to my gifts.

Enjoy your week!!


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