Friday, January 25, 2013

Frugal Planning

I managed a couple of sweet scores this week.

One...I found a deal for a local attraction that I've been wanting to see.  It was a half-price deal with four tickets for under $20 dollars.  Score!!

Two...I needed to purchase a birthday cake and an ice cream cake was specifically requested.  Lo and behold, I receive an email from Dairy Queen saying everything was half price on the 23rd.  I don't need the cake until the 31st...but that's what a freezer is for!!  Score!!

When you're looking for deals, the number one thing you need is patience.  I've been wanting to visit this attraction since I got here...but this was the first time a deal became available.  Patience pays.  Also, sign up for the email club for restaurants you visit.  You'll receive emails with deals like the one I received.  They may not always be the deal you want when you want it...but then there are the occasions when the timing is perfect!

Go hunt, my friends!  Find those deals!


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