Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Moving Forward

Going back to school is a big step for me in moving forward.  I am leaving the pain of the past year in the past.  But even when it's pain...when you leave it behind, there is still a hole to fill.  I am determined to fill that vacancy with things, activities, and people who make my life better.

Starting college is a huge step in that direction.  I am meeting new people (granted, all younger!).  I am getting out of the house on a regular basis.  I am challenging my mind, my comfort zone, and facing my fears.  Not bad for Step One!

What will be Step Two?  No clue...I'm still settling in to Step One!  Trust me, it will be something that makes my life happier, fuller, and more content.  I am determined to eliminate any room for fear, drama, or misery.

Stay tuned...there's more to come!!


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