Thursday, January 10, 2013

Me Time

When I finished my homework this past Sunday, I picked up a craft project.  It seems I haven't had time for them in ages and I needed to create something.

Why?  Because creating something beautiful feeds your soul.  It calms your mind as you work and brings about a zen-like state.  You also get an immense feeling of satisfaction when you view and hold your completed project.

I have very few things I've made in my possession.  As a rule, I give projects away as soon as I complete them.  It's as if the journey is enough for me...I have no need of the prize at the end.  In addition, it brings me pleasure to give to someone else and see them enjoy my handiwork.

Let's add this to my goals for the year.  I will do my best to build in that "me" time as much as possible.  You do the same!!


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