Friday, January 11, 2013

Frugal School

By now you know me.  If I can get it for cheap or free, I always will.  That applies to school supplies too!

I needed a backpack for school.  Now my youngest child is 23 so I haven't had to buy a backpack in quite a few years!  Heading online, I was shocked to see the prices!  Thirty to fifty dollars for a backpack?  Are you kidding me??

There was no way that was going to happen.  Not only for the fact I couldn't afford that, but it goes against the very core of my being to spend that kind of money on a backpack!

Doing some more searching, I found a cute backpack on clearance on Amazon.

It's more than large enough for my needs, and it was definitely affordable marked down from $40 to only $7.42!!  Even better, I had Amazon credit on file from my moneymakers.  My final price including shipping?  $0.00!!  Now, how can you beat free?

I decided to share this story to illustrate how that hour a day spent on money making sites pays off in an immensely practical way.  I have a brand new backpack...which every college freshman needs!

Now take a good look at that moneymaker page on my blog...start racking up that cash!!


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