Thursday, January 3, 2013

One Day

Resolutions...the bane of every new year.  How many of us actually follow through with the incredibly lofty goals we set each January 1st?  I'm lucky if I hit one!

In that are some one day resolutions.  Easy things you can complete today and brag about fulfilling a resolution.  Here goes:

1.  Go through your make up bag and throw away the old stuff.  Admit are never going to wear that bright blue eye shadow...let it go!

2.  Clean out your email.  If it's been sitting in your inbox for two weeks and you haven't read it?  It doesn't matter...Delete!!

3.  Pet your dog or cat.  This actually counts as a health resolution as cuddling a pet has been proven to lower blood pressure!

4.  Put a post it note on your checkbook with "2013" written in bold!  You know you've already messed it up once this year...this will help you remember!

5.  Do a jumping jack.  Yep, just one.  Remember, this is a one day resolution.  You can now say you worked out today.

Now, don't you feel so much better?  Look at all the resolutions you've already kept this year!  I'm so proud of you!!



  1. Wow! It was the jumping jack that did it! I feel, well, so accomplished!!!!!!! :) (Next for that makeup crap.) Thanks Jerrilynn!



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