Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Do It Now!

I observed an interesting phenomena today.  I returned to school for the summer semester.  As I walked to my morning class, I noticed a ridiculously long line in front of the business office.

One thing that stood out immediately was the age of the people in line.  There wasn't a single one over the age of thirty.  Is it a generational thing?  Why did the older students have their bill paid and everything in order before the first day of school?

If there was one piece of wisdom I could pass on from my advanced age...it would be to DO IT NOW!!  Life is short...too short to be standing in line!  When you have issues to resolve with deadlines, get on them as soon as you can.  Don't wait until the last minute or you will be joining those poor souls in that long line.

Get up, get moving, get it done!


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