Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Writing...I've missed you!

Getting caught up in my first semester of college, blog posts were one of the things that fell by the wayside.  I've missed it terribly!

Writing these blog posts offers me an opportunity to connect with people.  It provides me an outlet for my thoughts, dreams, and fears.  It allows me to share my frugal tips which I enjoy.  I share my favorite recipes on Saturdays and am always thrilled when someone lets me know that dish was a success.

As I was going through my divorce, this blog provided a safe outlet for me to express myself.  In doing so, I learned that so many other women had felt and dealt with the same things.  Those writings connected me to women in a whole new way, providing a new sisterhood.

I have a bit of a short break between semesters.  I plan on writing each and every day.  I hope that when the summer semester begins, I will find it easier to handle schoolwork and this blog.  Hopefully, I won't miss so many posts!

I'm glad to be back writing and glad to be back with you all!


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