Friday, May 24, 2013

Frugal Textbooks

As I've said, I'm taking a huge course load this summer.  One of the textbooks I needed was $110!!  I didn't have enough financial aid left after tuition to cover it.  The actual cash?  No way, no how!

I headed over to Amazon to see if I could find a used textbook I could afford.  One thing about used books, not all of them qualify for Amazon Prime.  I didn't want to pay as much for shipping as I did for the book; so I narrowed my search for just those available on Prime.

Found it!!  There was a used book in good condition for $16.  It also qualified for Amazon Prime.  That meant free shipping and I would have it before class starts.  Yay for me!!

Even better, I had earned enough Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks to pay for the book in full!!  I earn the Swagbucks by answering polls, surveys, or watching videos.  Easy as pie!

The textbook that would have cost me $110?  Final cost=$0!!!  Now that is the way to get your textbooks!

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